OHPF Day 9

Total immersion into patient care today – across state lines and time zones, after a pause for family and fellowship – it was a steady stream of encounters and an invitation to see health in action. Listening to patients, hearing the health in their stories, seeing it in their eyes, encountering it in their physical being and observing it move with greater ease with encouragement from treatment.

There are common patterns on exam, techniques most frequently used, similar threads of challenge and success in the stories, but each person’s encounter was unique to their need at that particular moment in time.

My own engagement with the day was impacted by an ease-in wake-up rather than the workout I had initially considered. An unexpected rain – most welcome in the dry days of August in Southern Oregon – shifted my transportation from biking to walking. Encountering the town at a pedestrian pace, taking in the familiar paths, patronizing favorite establishments and grounding in the intention for the day was a welcome beginning.

Recognizing the challenges of my time away for patients, my schedule was extended, shifting my anticipated after-work plans and an unanticipated meeting augmented them further. That workout was becoming less and less likely, reminding me why the early morning schedule has been most successful in the past. I surrendered to the intensity of the schedule, growing evening hunger and the desire not to encounter a mountain lion on a run during the most likely time of sighting.

Evening dinner proved a wise choice with opportunity to share time with a friend, expressing the excitement held for this fellowship and hearing of her adventures of the two weeks since last we met.