OHPF Day 6

As is often the case after departure from a course, reintegration into the “real world” can prove challenging. Stimulated by full immersion in concepts and projects, the synergy of a like-minded group of individuals is brimming with potential energy that can slam into the brick-wall of reality Monday morning. Learning how to harness that vigor and fuel the process alongside the everyday responsibilities of personal and professional life occurs along a steep curve.

Timing in this instance has been particularly challenging as it coincides with the school year’s beginning and, for my family, this involves a transcontinental move for the fourth time in 365 days and logistics that prove daunting at times. Rather than submit to the overwhelm, which for a part of the day yesterday was the path I was taking, we can kick up for a breath and use the lessons learned as a beacon to our next destination.

One key lesson that transpired over the course of orientation was the broadened perspective of health and the vast array of opportunities to positively influence the health of communities and individuals. Health actually is all around. Health happens in the most obvious and the least likely of places. In the clinic and the hospital, though it can be hard to see through the fog of disease. In homes and schools, if we can catch a glimpse through the swirl of busy. In communities and on farms, magnified through sustainable practices. In offices and gyms and streets and hillsides and everywhere in between.

Camouflaged in the hectic landscape of everyday life, we sometimes have to look a bit more carefully to see where health might be hiding and get creative in how we can bring it to light. C