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Coaching For the Health of All Things

I help you realize how amazing you already are!


Whether you are struggling with relationships, work, finances, fitness, parenting or goal-setting,

I will help you discover the path back to satisfaction, contentment, ease and connection

Whether you are celebrating progress on a big idea, your anniversary, a promotion or new baby,

I will help you gain sustainability, appreciation, ownership and grace.

Whether you are wondering "what else," "why now," "why me," "how will I do this,"

I will help you find the answers with confidence, clarity and care.

Helping physicians prevent and treat burnout.

Helping people meet their goals.

Helping all to see that you are the one you've been waiting for.

I'll be the mirror reflecting your greatness back to you.

Are you ready to take a look?

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Physician Coaching Programs for Individuals

12 Weeks

11 Modules

1:1 & Small Group Coaching

Flexible Scheduling

24 1-A AOA & AMA CME Credits Anticipated

Meditating on the Beach




Once Weekly Session

Individual Program Development

Movement and Nutrition Consultation Available

Unlimited E-Mail Access

12 Week Packages Available

Coaching for Institutions

Interested in bringing health to medicine through coaching for your institution?

Coaching for Institutions facilitates creation and implementation of coaching programs for physicians at all stages of education, training and practice.

Coaching: Treatment and Prevention for Physician Burnout


Burnout is prevalent in medicine.


Many physicians are experiencing the symptoms already - exhaustion and disengagement, feeling undervalued, overwhelmed, under appreciated and overworked. 

Some are simply surviving, managing the daily tasks reasonably well but notice signs of fatigue creeping in and feel the challenge to balance of personal and professional life. 

Others are doing great, loving their work and perhaps simply hoping that their experience will be sustainable. 

We often look to changes in the system as the solution for burnout - and there is certainly much that could be changed for the better. 

But no matter what changes in the system, you still have to decide how you are going to respond. The best news is, you have the capacity to choose how you feel in any situation and support from coaching can show you how.

Coaching offers you the guidance you need to be the hero in your own story.

Find success instead of struggle, freedom instead of frustration, contentment in any situation and a reliable, sustainable process that allows you to reach any goal.

This Osteopathic Life Physician Coaching 12-Week Program Starts September 1st!

Contact me to get enrolled and take the next step on your path to best personal and professional health!

Learn More About Coaching 

Unify Body, Mind, Spirit

Organize Your Mind

Finding the Power Within

Bring it All Together


Amelia is great and I enjoyed having her as my life coach (I am new to life coaching but I’m a believer now!). I am an emergency room physician and it was awesome discussing everything from events at work to things happening at home. Throughout my time with her, I learned to handle my frustrations more constructively both at work and in my personal life and even my fiancé noticed the change! Having my weekly meetings with Amelia also helped my anxiety and improved my sleep. Amelia is very patient, thoughtful and offers great insight in a nonjudgemental way.

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