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Dear Fellow Physicians,

Are you feeling burned out? 


Doubtful there is anything to be done about burn out?

Loving your work but hating your job?

Enjoying your job but wondering if there is something more?

Concerned about furloughs?

Wondering if medicine is a sustainable career?

Curious about coaching and not sure where to start?

Feeling guilty for not being grateful enough in your life?

Have lots of ideas but you're not sure how to make them happen?

Missing your favorite CME course and your colleagues?

Wishing CME was more applicable to your daily work?

Are many of these issues part of your current life?

Is the balance between who you need to be and what is incrementally asked of you slipping away?


I hear you.

I see you.

I was you.


I ignored the signs of burnout in my own life until it disrupted my core. I couldn't escape my life with exercise or relocations. I had to pause, listen, and learn.


I began the process of healing and as I did, I realized the power of creating a life on purpose,

of building a solid foundation, of trusting myself

and valuing myself as worthy of the life of my dreams.

As part of the healing process, the physician in me knew that this was not just about me.

That this experience was meant to be shared and would be part of

a revolution - of medicine, of culture, of self.

I have gathered all of my personal and professional experience to create a life-changing program to show you that it is truly possible to be for the health of all things, including yourself. 

You CAN experience success instead of struggle.

You can wonder and wander and know you're not lost

You can hope for more and not feel guilty for doing so.

You can try and fail and recover to realize that's how progress happens. 


You can learn to let go of fear.

You can discover how to find contentment in any situation.


You can make your biggest dreams become reality.

You can find answers to the questions that have seemed unanswerable for so long.


I have walked the path you are on 
and am here as your guide, 
to help you discover that
you are the hero of your own story.


Physician Coaching Program & CME

What it Covers


Recover from & build immunity to burnout


Develop, strengthen and find ease in relationships


Create a reliable process that can help you achieve any goal


Learn how to take meaningful action on ideas


Realize the power in taking responsibility for your life


Rediscover and rejuvenate your professional purpose

How it Happens

Next Course Starts June 1st

12-Week Program

24 1-A AOA or AMA CME Credit Hours Available

Weekly One-Hour Group Teaching Sessions

Six One-Hour Small Group Sessions

Six One-Hour 1:1 Coaching Calls

All Accessible via Zoom with Flexible Scheduling

Group Teaching Sessions Recorded for Review at Your Convenience

Designed to Optimize Time Around Personal & Professional Commitments

Pre- and Post- Course Needs Assessment for Tracking of Progress

Group Discounts Available

Investment: $5000

Why it Works


Coaching has been shown as an effective intervention for treatment and prevention of burnout, helps to cultivate a culture of success and supports mastery of self.


Carefully crafted curriculum leads you through development of an activation process to help you achieve any goal, completely customized through 1:1 and small group work.


CME that can be used in every patient encounter, in non-clinical and academic medicine,  bridging all specialties with added value of 1:1 sessions to ensure meaningful application. 


Connection is key for health, longevity and professional sustainability. Small group sessions offer opportunity to create new and nurture past connections.

Who it Serves

Physicians feeling burned out

Physicians wanting more

Physicians with big ideas

Physicians feeling lonely

Physicians seeking connection

Physicians thinking about leaving medicine

Physicians wanting to stay in medicine

Physicians wondering about entrepreneurship

Physicians struggling in relationships

Physicians doing fine

Physicians ready for change

Physicians interested in coaching

Physicians ready for the health of all things

How to Start


Have More Questions? 

Learn more about the program and how you can

Find the Health in this Webinar Replay


Details of CME

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