OHPF Day 60

I am (relatively) sure few have waiting with bated breath for the updated edition of this blog - thank you for your patience to any who were. It is with curiosity, some regret, a sense of failure, an acceptance of humanity and opportunity for growth that I return to write some 42 blank pages later. I jokingly commented to a friend this week that I took a veritable Lent from my writing.

Today's landscape - barren - as my recent pages!

Considering, or perhaps more accurately forgetting, the mantra of “done is better than perfect,” I effectively did neither this past month and a half and choose now to resume that refrain. Reflecting on how this gap came to pass has revealed a few key points for me in a process to seek a (hopefully) more successful engagement with the project:

  • The desire to present “a day in the life of an Osteopathic Health Policy Fellow” is a significant undertaking that is easier completed during the intensive sessions than in the tumult and heightened tasks load of daily life.

  • Missing one day, or even a few, should not derail the entire project – indeed, perhaps this is an even more accurate representation to say that sometimes, there simply isn’t time in the day for all the things and priorities must be shuffled. This is not a full-time experience and requires integration into personal and professional life.

  • While I hold out hope for a potential daily entry, I am shifting the global framework to the following, beginning with today, as I head into the second in-person session with the fellowship:

  • Daily reflections while on-site, with classmates and course leaders – an easier task with time carved out in the evenings and physical removal from the responsibilities of personal and professional life at home