Praise for Parks

Each morning this past year, I have written four gratitudes in a journal followed by one intention. These are spontaneous, often entered at the start of the day, sometimes reflective of the events of the day prior and other times anticipatory. They are each four lines long (yes, double even numbers, I think it is a practice of moving from tolerance into acceptance as well) and offer reasons for which the points of gratitude make their way to the page.

There have been a wide variety of things for which I have felt grateful, some come up time and time again (I am considering creating an inventory once the last page is filled and seeing what recurred most frequently or what surprised me…stay tuned for that one!) Today, however my final entry opened the door into a wide expanse of gratitude and led me to this page to explore more fully.

Original entry:

I am grateful for parks &

The resource that brings people

Together with others, exploring

& nurturing natural resources

This was inspired by a park clean-up event through my gym yesterday afternoon. Time taken from the weekend schedule of many busy people to join together, bringing our strength, stamina and spirit from daily workouts into the great outdoors for the benefit of our broader community. Simple tasks of weeding and planting made more enjoyable in collective and providing us with a lesson in patience, waiting through the winter season for the beauty of autumnal bulbs to become spring blossoms.