Rest Day

Rest Day.

I do not think it means what you think it means.

I have been notoriously bad at committing to rest days. In fact, as I went to write this yesterday, on a rest day from exercise, I did a search of my own historic blog entries and found this sentiment repeatedly.

Yesterday became a rest day not only from exercise, but the blog, podcast and, incidentally, Story Time Sunday – a live video event I have shared consistently every Sunday evening – with personal stories, readings from books, musical moments and interviews with kiddos – since February. I’ve completed them late at night, already in pajamas with minimal preparation and early in the evening, having rehearsed the music and message in advance.

Not yesterday. And I didn’t realize it until just now, as I prepared my schedule for the day and the week and noted the segment on my calendar from yesterday that had gone unattended. I had the immediate dread of a missed assignment – flashbacks to school days and Monday morning mess-ups.

My mind went immediately to justification – I had more evening appointments than I normally would on a Sunday; because of the holiday weekend it didn’t seem very Sunday-like; I didn’t check my calendar before bed like I normally would. I had thoughts that left me feeling bad and then other thoughts of wondering if anyone even noticed.

I enjoy sharing the stories and there have been varying degrees of audience. Interestingly, I the episode last week, I declared an intention to be more directive and preparatory, making advanced invitations and designating a specific time for the event to allow people the opportunity to plan and to keep myself accountable to the process. And yet, this was the first week I omitted it entirely!