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Medical Students

COMpassion Project

Encouragement, support and resources for current students of the Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine


Financial - Emotional - Practical - Philosophical


Individual or Group Programs - Virtual or In-Person Meetings - Lectures for COMs

Resident & Attending Physicians

D.O. Better

Challenging the current standard of care and systems management while respecting the power of the grand design

Rekindle your passion, be encouraged and empowered to think and act osteopathically

Personal - Professional - Practical - Philosophical Support

Individual or Group - Virtual or In-Person - Lectures for Professional Societies


Finding Your osteoPath

Applying the foundational principles of osteopathic medicine to everyday life:

UNITY: Of the Body; Body-Mind-Spirit; Common Unity

  • Learning how to engage, find your team & feel connected

SELF-HEALING: Honoring Inherent Capacity

  • Respect capacity of self, recognize interruptions and remove obstructions to health​

STRUCTURE & FUNCTION: Significance of Interrelationship​

  • Honor true gifts & align your work accordingly​


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