Greener Grass

We have a natural lawn – it has been patchy at best in the last couple seasons and it does not match those of the other houses on our street. When we got dogs this past spring, our neighbors warned us that it would be even harder to grow as they had experienced discolored patches and destruction of their lawn in the areas where their dogs peed.

Interestingly, since having the puppies in our yard, the grass is greener than ever. As I walked past a “don’t walk on the grass – recently sprayed” sign in my neighborhood, it dawned on me that perhaps the grass wasn’t the problem and the urine of the canine was not the problem – what if it was the interruption of the original relationship between the two that is the problem.

I recognize that toileting (dog pee here) and best friends (of man by colloquialism) seem to be a theme this week. While unexpected under the umbrella of This Osteopathic Life, hang with me and we will see how this all ties in.

There is much to be desired in the health care system as it exists in the United States today. Many blame the patients – disengaged, lazy, entitled, shirking responsibility for their health. Many blame the physicians – greedy, impersonal, in it for themselves, sold out to big pharma. At its core, medicine is simply about patients and physicians and it should be a symbiotic relationship – people with need engaging with people who care and have knowledge to address said need. Perhaps it isn’t the patients who are the problem and the physicians are not the problem but the interruption of the natural relationship between the two is the problem.