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The Second Dinner - Part 10 of 11

In that space of slowly fading fullness from the delightful lunch at Table 102, and knowing that the journey home would have few opportunities for refueling, it seemed that one more island side meal was in order.


Ever open to the delight of French Fries, we ventured to the Irish Pub, where I had an incidental victory in August with a salad/fry take out combo.


Timing was once again on our side as a table for two was readily available and the server equally prepared to support a quick turnaround to accommodate the ferry schedule.


Sharing a few delicious items made for just the right volume of nourishment, and the brief wait was full of entertainment observing the wide variety of costumes on display as those staying the night on the island had their pre-party meals.


Mermaid seemed the most common theme of the staff, with bedazzled seashells and fins to be found in all directions.


Exchange of photos and memories from the day offered opportunity to reflect on a fully embraced adventure.


Satisfied with the entirety of the experience, and grateful for the efficiency of the staff along with the deliciousness of the food, we wrapped up and prepared to depart for home.

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