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The Shops - Part 9 of 11

Wandering through the shops, more accessible in the post-trick-or-treat interval, there were many options for shirts adorned with creative plays on the features of the island.


Resisting temptation and simply taking in the trinkets and souvenirs was successful for a stretch.

Until the arrival in one particular shop that resonated on every level.


Socks, hats, stuffies, coasters, pencil bags – there are some places that seem to know exactly what you would seek and stock the shelves accordingly.


Though any and many of the items would have happily accompanied me home, I settled on a hat and a turtle, in their own shades of my favorite color, and proceeded to checkout.


While (nearly) all items in the store were on end of season sale, the stuffy was not, having missed the fine print, I uttered an, “of course” in both the “just my luck the one item I really wanted isn’t on sale” as well as the “JellyCat are simply too lovely to need/qualify for a sale” and proceeded to purchase.


The symbol that has long been my mascot, and is at the core of the natural history of the island as well as the theme of the race, it felt like the right choice and he proudly wore the Age Group Winner medal around his neck on my behalf.


With an eternal preference for trifectas, a simple green tank top completed the island specific souvenirs, bonus as it was on the $5 rack – always appreciate a bargain!


We found ourselves in the second book shop of the island, where sale prices did extend to all of the items that were of interest to me.


Knowing there are dozens of volumes still pending on the shelves of my home led to discernment but not omission of the acquisition of a few titles that have been on my list of must haves for a time.


Audio proves the more effective medium for book consumption in my current life, but I have faith that the turning of pages will have a more prominent place in my near future and chose a few titles to move me in that direction more efficiently.


The final stop was the market, always an intriguing spot to consider how all residents of the island find their nourishment from this single establishment.


Gathering a few items while taking in all that is stocked and stored offered a reflective conclusion to the shopping portion of the day.



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