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Let's Talk About Health!

Health is an experience.

It is living, dynamic, constantly changing.

There are measures of health reported through labs, imaging, and measurements such as body weight, body mass index, heart rate variability, quality, and quantity of sleep.

These can be helpful and allow us to track progress over time.

They can also invite criticism and judgment, leading us to a place of paralysis, unsure how to proceed and lacking confidence in our choices.

Health is influenced everyday through our movement, our nourishment, our thoughtfulness, our connections, our moods, our choices.

Environment absolutely matters, and advocating for health in the surround is critical.

Embracing fully that which we can control directly and immediately is the opportunity of coaching in regard to health.

Take a moment to consider when you felt the most vibrant version of health in your own life.

How would you describe yourself in that time.

Notice if you offer details of association – the people, places, and participation of your life at that moment.

Tap into the energetic experience of that interval, and notice what health FEELS like in your body, and how it permeates the mind and the spirit.

Take a step back to glance at this picture with a broader perspective. What can you claim as your contribution to the vibrancy of this time.

Your actions, sure, and more so the feelings you brought into your life along with the narrative you offered to yourself that encouraged the health to shine through.

If that moment of optimal health was other than now, consider if you can you carry any of those actions, emotions, ideas into this present moment.

What feels true both then and now?

What feeling can you summon to spark even just a little more vibrancy in this moment?

What can you do today to invite health in?

Health is a process, ever evolving and available for adjustments.

You have the power to usher in health, to offer it space at the table, to make it feel welcome, to create a sustainable, enjoyable, long-term relationship.

Learning the right questions to ask and that you have the answers you need to successfully engage with health is the opportunity of coaching.

Witnessing health as it already exists and clarifying the vision you have for the health you seek is the gift of coaching.

Welcoming health into your life with open arms is the experience of coaching.

Change in practices, change in perspective, both ways to change the experience of health.

How will you choose health today?

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