Originally written in 2015 and a driving force for development of This Osteopathic Life!

Introducing myself and my specialty to a new patient proves confusing on many levels. Between the unlikely pronunciation of my surname and the obscurity of my specialty, there is no clear and easy opener. Add to that the cumbersome 25 syllables required to give full credence to my certification, helped minimally, if at all, by its consonant-ridden abbreviation and I am met more often than not with blank stares and a request for re-explanation. Try it on for size:

 “Hello, I’m Dr. Bueche, like a Bee and a Key (yes, I say that every time as they look at my name badge and question the pronunciation). I’m with the NMM/OMM department – Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. Dr. X asked me to see you regarding your back pain to see if there is anything not moving well with the rest of your body that could be helped with gentle hands on treatment.”

 At this point, I usually acknowledge that those were indeed a lot of words and try to clarify – that I am an osteopathic physician, trained to use my hands to evaluate and treat areas in the body that aren’t moving properly to help their body heal or pain resolve as efficiently as possible. In an attempt to make light of what is sometimes an awkward moment, I offer that it’s okay if they don’t fully understand because after 8 years in practice, my mom still doesn’t know what I do and has resorted to calling it “LMNOP.”

Though the ear