OHPF Day 16

We are responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. We can only control our own behavior and choices. These are phrases that govern our household as we learn self-control, personal responsibility, accountability, motivation and follow through. Helpful concepts and true in their own right but they are not enough.

Daily management and personal growth can come from within. Learning resilience and survival skills as an individual are reasonable steps to take. If we want to have a noticeable impact on our environment, our systems, our world, however, we must work in collective.

What does it take to harness the group’s energy? What does it look like when we are working cooperatively? What is the power of the many to effect necessary change for the better?

We live in a polarized world. Opinions are strong and they are divergent. The more we are isolated into groups based on differences, the weaker we become to speak out against practices that are unlawful, inhumane, unjust and inequitable. The farther we get down the path of good for me without the context of greatest good for all, the harder it becomes to navigate our way back to practices that are sustainable for any meaningful length of time.

I have long appreciated the concept of strength in numbers – for the collective-based meaning as well as the literal interpretation of data serving to provide a strong foundation for reason. Recently I came across this extended quote from Rich