Joy in a Toilet

I commented in a video last month about how nice it felt to walk up to a clean sink in the bathroom. How that encounter of a smooth, gleaming surface brought a sense of calm, peace, appreciation. Well, today, I leveled up – and found joy in a toilet.

Let me explain – no, I only have 500 words – let me sum up.

I entered the bathroom this morning and encountered the toilet as I would any other morning – but it was simply sparkling. And I quite literally felt joyful. Now, we could take an inventory on my sanity, or the frequency with which we clean our bathrooms around here, but regardless* of those factors, this was the sequence of events: visualized toilet --> felt joy.

It’s what’s hiding in that arrow that holds all the magic: a thought.

Notice I didn’t say visualized clean toilet – this is because I wanted to get as factual and objective as I could about the circumstance and clean leaves some room for interpretation (we can all think of friends with VERY different standards of “clean” than our own).