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The Adventure - Part 5 of 11

With peering of sunlight through fluffy white clouds, and bellies full from the most magical lunch, the moment felt right and ripe for a wander into the hills of the island.


Beginning the ascent toward Fort Mackinac, the clouds became notably less fluffy and decidedly grayer than white.  It seemed that a day void of all precipitation was not to be.


Learning to roll with the elements, we continued the walk and took in the sights from the perimeter of the Fort, with repeated, “oh so lovely!” exclamations as the leaves held on for a later change this year.


Navigating our way by foot to the Grand Hotel, perseverance paid off as the clouds shifted back to a passive back drop rather than dropping rain on us, and we approached the porch, complete with the spelndor implied by the name.


In all my visits to the island, I have never ventured any closer than the floral expanse along the median in the road approaching the building.


Fueled by the successes of the day, the experience of audacity leading to optimal outcome, and a new space of heart and mind where simply being with what is possible, we made the journey up the steps.


Rocking gently in the chairs with sunlight on our faces, it was a glorious moment.  Taking a pause, taking in the view, taking in a breath, taking up space, and seeing that there was no detraction from another.

There is room, there is possibility, there is beauty, there is more available to us than we often realize.


There was also no need to be anywhere more than on the porch. The opulence of the grounds and facilities were something to behold, and nothing that resonated for me. Knowing that what is for some need not be for all is also a learning space.


Appreciation does not require direct participation and that which feels decadent to one can seem awkward to another, and those experiences can coexist, simultaneously, at precisely the same time (please, oh please hear Daniel Rose saying that!)


Once recharged by the rocking, we returned to town and encountered hundreds of costume clad kiddos (and associated adults) preparing for the Downtown Trick-or-Treat.

While exploring the shops was on the list of interesting activities, the timing seemed less than ideal, and we opted to shift our agenda to a wheeled experience, with plans to return to the stores when the candy bowls were emptied and space was clear.

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