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The Ride - Part 6 of 11

Tandem bicycles are at the heart of every Mackinac Island experience. Circumnavigating the island on two wheels, with four pedals fueled by partnership and coordination is ever a highlight of the visit.


On my previous visit, it was mother and daughter vs sons (brothers), taking counter and clockwise routes head-to-head, and seeing the boys victorious twice.


This time there was only one pairing, and a hint of trepidation for the maiden voyage of one of the two partners.


The busyness of downtown made for open space on the road, and after a few wobbly launch attempts, were on our way, venturing in the clockwise direction.


Missing mile markers (either absent or simply unseen as we focused on the balance and steering) found us more than halfway around the island before we had any awareness of distance.


Time (and miles!) fly when you’re having fun!


Arch rock is ever a highlight and we stopped first for a photo opportunity and then agreed a hike would be in order.







Third time proved the charm as we successfully started the bike for a brief jaunt to the available rack and began the ascent up the steps.


(For more on this experience check out the next installment!)


Once back at lake level, we attempted to resume our ride, realizing after much resistance from the release, that we had thoughtfully locked the bike to the rack.


A successful unlocking brought us back to the bike and a fit of giggles brought back a bit of the wobble, but we made it back onto the road, ready to finish the loop.


The final two miles were rhythmic and relaxed, revisiting the closing miles of the morning’s run and site of the finish line, a level of appreciation gained from a rolling gaze.


Entering the busy of town offered opportunity to practice nimble steering and revealed that we had aptly timed our ride to avoid the peak activity of the costumed candy seekers.


Returning our tandem to the shop, finishing one of the final excursions of the season, greeted by the now costumed attendants and celebrating a successful encircling of the island.


Celebrating the transition from novice to veteran, now both familiar with the tandem experience and successful in embracing a new challenge.

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